While electricity is something we use in our everyday lives extensively, it isn’t without its hazards. Not only can it cause damage to property but poses a risk to people too. Because of these inherent risks, all Territory and State Governments have very specific legislation in place that regulates who can officially install, maintain & repair any electrical apparatus and installations.

It’s mandatory that you hire a licensed electrician to handle all the electrical tasks on your property, whether residential, commercial or industrial. The very first thing to do before hiring an electrician is to ask to see their license. This provides you the assurance that you’re working with a person who is aware of what he is doing and they can also offer perfect solutions, in case anything goes wrong.

A licensed electrician who handles any work at your home, commercial or industrial premises needs to provide you with the necessary certificate of compliance. Every state has very specific regulations about the type of certificate that needs to provide and you can always check the local authority for details.


Each year, a significant number of people are severely electrocuted or fatally injured by electricity. A large number of properties are impacted or destroyed completely by fires resulting from electrical short circuits and other faults. Only a licensed electrician can carry out installations, repairs or replacements of any electrical features.

If you attempt a DIY job, that will only end up putting you and your property at risk. Aside from these inherent risks, there are some legal repercussions as well. An unlicensed person that undertakes electrical work can be fined and also prosecuted in court.

If you don’t get the wiring installed by a licensed electrician, your premises will not be covered by home insurance in the event of a fire caused by illegal wiring. We can’t stress this point enough. Always hire a licensed electrician/contractor for all of your wiring work; it’s one of the ways to reduce the risk of fire.


Whether you’ve decided on the spur of the moment to do some electrical upgrades or you are embarking on a long-planned home improvement project, the entire process will run more smoothly if you take the effort and time to plan it well. Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most challenging and expensive spaces to redecorate and remodel, so it’s important to get it right the first time around.

Aside from the homebuilding or general contractor, you will also need to hire an electrician for the home renovation work. These are the steps to follow to make sure that all the renovations are safe and that they meet all the existing legal requirements.

  • All electrical renovations must be in line with the current Australian Standards.

  • The electrical contractor needs to be licensed and also carry a minimum of $5M Public Liability.

  • There are numerous legal requirements that need to be followed when designing kitchens, bathrooms or outdoor areas with spas & pools. All of these rooms have areas with water and electricity, which limits the types of fixtures that can be installed there.

  • Being proactive and hiring a skilled and experienced electrician to handle the designing, helps ensure it’s in line with the legislation.

  • There are numerous energy-efficient fixtures that can be installed in your home; these help in energy conservation and reduce your electricity bills too. Look for water saving devices and LED light fixtures.

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