Every property owner wants to ensure their home is well protected from intruders and burglars. It’s why they get CCTV cameras installed and make sure that all the doors and windows have strong locks. But many fail to ensure that the outdoor areas on their property are well illuminated after dark and this can be an open invitation to unsavoury elements.

Poorly-lit areas give intruders the courage to trespass and break into homes, and in most cases successfully. On the other hand, regardless of how determined the intruders are, light can act as a deterrent. Having the right type of outdoor lighting allows you to have peace of mind, and sleep without having any concerns about your property’s security.

However, for this to happen, you need to ensure that the light installation is done professionally for it to have the maximum impact. Seeking the help of expert electricians is the way to go. However, here are some pointers to keep in view while planning outdoor lighting and getting it installed:


#1 Height Is Crucial

Install the lights as high as possible. Not only will this prevent burglars/intruders from turning them off/damaging them, but will also provide the area outside your house with complete lighting.

#2 Protected Lighting

The lights will improve the safety of your property, however, they require protection as well. Choose fixtures that have a mesh to cover the lights. This prevents any potential intruders from breaking them.

#3 Focus on More Illumination

Rather than using fewer lights with a higher power, consider using more fixtures that provide average power. A larger number of medium-power lights will evenly illuminate the entire area, including remote spots on your property.

#4 Better Be Safe Than Sorry

The wiring used for the installation projects has to be well-protected. This will reduce the chances of it being messed with and also keep it protected from inclement weather. Leaving any wires exposed is not advisable. The lighting around your house not only provides security but also improves the functionality of your yard spaces. It increases the safety levels at night and helps you to navigate the entrances and exits of your house easily.

It is crucial to maintain a good balance between too much and too little lighting. There should be no glare from the lights, but the illumination should be sufficient to allow you to use the areas comfortably.


Having good quality outdoor lighting is only one aspect. It is far more important to keep the lights well-maintained to ensure their safety and security. Keep these simple maintenance tips in mind:

  • Clean all dusty lenses using a damp soft cloth and mild soap

  • Replace any burned bulbs

  • Replace damaged light fixtures

  • Replace any damaged electrical parts like photocells

  • Trim branches of trees nearby to avoid light obstruction

Well-designed outdoor security lighting adds to the curb appeal, security and safety of your property. It not only helps intimidate potential intruders but also gives you peace of mind that your property is well-protected even at night-time.


Keep these simple points in mind while installing lighting for the outdoor areas of your property. Opt for the services of professionals if you have any doubts regarding what options are available. We at All Round Electricals offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor lighting installation services.

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