Front Door Security Cameras – The Benefits

There are numerous benefits to getting a front door security camera installed. Here we take a look at them:

  • Deter Burglars – A security camera is proven to be an excellent burglar deterrent as most burglars are opportunists. Consider installing a front door security camera exactly above your front door so that burglars can see it from the yard or street level. This, in itself, will act as a deterrent for them. If you install some more cameras around the front yard that will significantly improve the security levels of your home.

  • Monitor Home Deliveries – Since deliveries come in during the daytime, most courier personnel place the package at your front door when they find that no one is at home. But imagine receiving a notification that your package has been delivered…only to come home to nothing. It isn’t uncommon for packages left at front doors to be stolen.But if you have a front door security camera positioned correctly and pointed at your front door and the entryway it can help you avoid this type of package theft, and you would be able to monitor your deliveries. In case theft occurs, the video footage can help you determine what happened and help track down the package – it becomes a tool to reinforce your courier claims.

  • Check Who’s At The Door – One of the best ways to keep you and your family safe when you are at home is to restrict entry to unknown persons. A regular peephole doesn’t help you get a good view of someone outside your door if they are beyond the lens coverage. In contrast, a correctly-placed front door camera can give you a broad view of your porch or entryway, and you can check who is at your door before opening it.

  • Check On Your Children Returning From School – Most people are at work when their kids return from school. When you have a front door security camera installed, you can check if they have arrived home safe & sound. Most modern devices send you a detected alert when there is someone at your front door. You then have the option to switch on the Live View mode and make sure your kids have entered the house. Some systems also allow you to speak with them via in-built 2-way audio.

  • Keep a check on when babysitters, cleaners and tradespeople come and go – Most professionals know exactly how they can get caught up at work beyond their standard office hours. A front door security camera can prove to be boon for busy people. You can monitor when babysitters and cleaners arrive and leave your home, and pay them for the time they have clocked.

  • Peace of Mind – If you hear any suspicious noises at night, you can quickly check the front door security camera’s live view via your smartphone without needing to step out. When you have this camera installed on your property, you have peace of mind and can sleep easy in the knowledge that your home is monitored round the clock.

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