A few things can be as disconcerting as the thought of a home intrusion and a thief stealing your belongings. Naturally, all of us consider the safety of our family and possessions to be of paramount importance. A simple and effective way to free ourselves of any worry on that count is to opt for a home security system with an intruder alarm. But are these systems efficient?

Workings Of An Intruder Alarm System

Home alarm systems safeguard your home from unauthorised persons and help prevent break-ins. Their design provides for sensors with various ranges. The moment sensors pick up movement or detect a window or door being opened or broken, they sound an alarm. In case of a back-to-base alarm system, the system sends an alert to the security company which gets into action by following steps such as:

  • Calls you to find out whether the alarm is triggered accidentally.

  • Makes a spot check by sending a guard to your home.

  • Contacts other emergency services or the police.

Sometimes you feel that these systems are a nuisance. However, having it makes a lot of difference to your peace of mind as you know your possessions are safe.

Are Intruder Alarm Systems Expensive?

  • When it comes to protecting your family and your belongings, no cost is high. Some home alarm systems do make a sizable dent in your wallet.

  • You need to budget $2500 to $3000, for a wireless alarm system with the facility of back-to-base monitoring for 24/7.

  • A payment of about $2 per day as an ongoing subscription fee may be involved, depending upon the choice of the security provider.

  • If you want to select a DIY security system, you buy a starter kit costing about $400; it helps you save some money.

How Effective are intruder Alarms?

Generally, home alarm systems provide excellent protection against burglaries and thefts. However, the level of effectiveness also depends upon the quality of a system you chose to install. A passcode is required to enter your home. That is why an intruder trying to enter your home triggers the system and alerts you and the security provider of their presence. These systems provide you protection and mental peace when you are away from your home. Here are some significant advantages to such a system.

  • It is difficult for you to bear the thought of losing valuable items when a theft takes place in your home. Installing a home alarm system provides the much-needed protection against loss of valuables.

  • The purpose of a security system is to alert you if an intruder enters your home. It is meant to detect unauthorised entry.

  • It is an effective deterrent because thieves and burglars keep away from homes with a security system or where the alarm goes off when they enter.

  • A security provider monitored system responds quickly by either sending a guard for a spot check or informing the police in case of a break-in.

  • You save on insurance premium payments for your valuables when you install a home security system.

  • When you are away from home on holiday, the safety of your house is always on your mind. Install a sound security system, and feel free to enjoy your holidays without worries in a relaxed manner.

  • There are some additional benefits too. With a security system, you do not need to worry when you let a cleaner or a maintenance person into your house while you are away.

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