What are 2K and 4K Images?

For images to be called 2K Extreme HD, they need to have about 2000 horizontal pixels. Similarly, 4K Ultra HD images need to have about 4000 horizontal pixels. The number of pixels within various screens has increased significantly to 4k and 2K resolutions. Current industry standards generally represent 2K Extreme HD pixels as 2048 x 1536; the 4K Ultra HD ratio is 4096 x 2160.

Why Opt For 4K Security Cameras?

Modern 4K security cameras are superior in every way. They have fantastic digital zooms and crisp images. These features give you exceptional image quality with all the details you need, even when the cameras are placed at a distance from the coverage area. The security-monitoring world now looks very different, with innovative new products like 4K security cameras being introduced. Let’s look at why opting for these modern and highly advanced CCTV cameras is a smart choice:

  • Digital Zoom– The higher number of pixels allows for much better quality digital zoom; the image details stay eligible for a long time because the zoom is applied.

  • Clarity– The image details have sharp definitive lines, are incredibly crisp; you can see every feature and object outlined distinctly.

  • Image Sensors– When it comes to video quality, one of the major determining factors is the CCTV camera’s image sensor. The number of megapixels in the camera is used to classify these sensors. Ultimately, you get a higher resolution when the camera has more megapixels.

  • Colour Night Vision– Since the image sensors are larger, they capture more light, improving the contrast and colour even in low-light settings.

4K security cameras allow you to capture images and other details amazingly well, and this can become helpful evidence in the event of any incident occurring on your property. If you are looking to switch to 4K cameras, make sure that your existing recorder supports 4K resolution recording before making your purchase.

Proper Positioning of CCTV Cameras is Vital

Even when you invest in the best CCTV systems in the market, there are several other things you must focus on, such as their location or positioning. Every manufacturer will mention specifics and best positioning guidelines in their manuals. It’s crucial to follow these guidelines for the best results. Some basic pointers to follow include: