Services Provided By Commercial Electricians

Here we take a look at the various types of services that commercial electricians provide:

1. Lighting System Control

The lighting system on your premises could easily account for over 60% of your monthly electricity bill. When you work with an experienced licensed electrician, they can help provide better lighting control, and you can achieve considerable savings on your overall lighting expenses.

For example, they can provide solutions for upgrading wall switches, install scheduled lighting controls such as automatic switch off after business hours, introduce sensor-activated dimming systems and networking systems. The commercial electrician can also ensure that these installations incorporate the correct grounding features, short circuit protection and lighting load capacity, which improves the safety levels of all these installations.

You can also get the lighting control systems updated for different zone requirements, intended uses and a better fit. For example, if you have corridors, training or presentation rooms, conference rooms, office spaces, cubicles etc. all of these would need a specific type of lighting to ensure better productivity of your team members.

If you have retail space, it would need ambient and focused lighting in various areas. When you have optimised lighting control, not only will you save on power, but it will also enhance the comfort and utility of these spaces. Correctly illuminated commercial areas are also safer for use, and it becomes easier for you to maintain the security levels on your property.

2. Testing and Tagging of Commercial Appliances

In this task, the commercial electrician will check the portable electrical appliances on your business property to ensure that they are safe for use. They will also perform a visual check for any damage or deterioration before using specialised equipment for testing all the appliances. They will then tag the appliances marking them as tested and safe, and the tags would also mention the recommended next test dates.

These checks are part of Australian Standards and have to be followed by all businesses. The process gives your employees a good idea about which appliances are safe for use, and it helps to minimise the risks of accidents and electrical shocks or electrocution. Testing and tagging are crucial and mandatory in industries such as demolition and construction, which rely on specialised equipment in their daily working.

3. Switchboard Maintenance

Many commercial sites rely on medium and low voltage switchboards for distributing electrical power. With regular use, this electrical distribution equipment can suffer some deterioration and aging, which reduces both its safety and efficiency. Commercial electricians can help with regular switchboard maintenance, and this helps to minimise any downtime on this system. Also, it helps reduce the chances of unnecessary replacements or repairs, improving the electrical safety levels on your premises.

Regular maintenance of all the electrical systems on your property is a crucial aspect of saving costs on unrequired repairs. The maintenance work should include overall inspection and testing such as continuity test, insulation resistance test coma as well as high potential capability test. Commercial electricians have the necessary modern equipment needed for all these vital tasks.

4. Circuit Breaker Testing

Commercial electricians also conduct circuit breaker testing. This is designed for testing the switching system and how the tripping structure programming is done as a whole. It is a crucial type of test which helps support the reliability and safety of your circuit breakers and improves their lifespan.

The circuit breakers on your business premises conduct electrical currents as well as insulating contacts through each other. They also protect your equipment by disconnecting the faulty current quickly in case there is an issue in the system. A circuit breaker can experience issues such as short circuits in coils which can render them useless due to varying or damage.

This is especially the case with their insulation material or mechanical connection. When you have a commercial electrician regularly testing these systems, they can detect issues early and prevent them before they damage any equipment, cause injury to employees, or result in a business interruption on your property.

5. Lightning Protection

Commercial premises across Australia and throughout the globe use lightning-protection systems. These help to divert any lightning current that hits the building away from the site, reducing the chances of damage and injury. While it might not seem likely that lightning will strike your building if it does, it can result in significant damage to the equipment. The installation of lighting protection features can help prevent structural damage and lightning-related fires.

Lightning protection systems are relatively straightforward and will have either an air terminal or rod, a lightning cable which carries the current from the rod into the ground. There will be ground rods which help discharge the lightning safely around the building and away from the main structure.

It is necessary to be aware that these systems do not provide surge protection and you would need separate equipment for that on your property. The commercial electrician can also help with the installation of different types of surge protection devices for various appliances equipment and electricity-operated systems on your property.

6. Energy Efficiency

Commercial properties can be quite expansive and need lighting in various indoor and outdoor spaces. Depending on the industry you are in, you might even have various appliances, machines and equipment that are operated on the premises. All of these consume significant amounts of energy, making it necessary to focus on improving energy efficiency.

An experienced commercial electrician would be able to identify different ways to enhance the energy efficiency of your commercial property. Boosting sustainability can help minimise earnings volatility, improve business performance and return on investment as well as overall profitability.

Modern-day customers also value businesses that follow sustainable practices, so incorporating various energy-efficient systems and methods can help up your brand reputation. Experienced and knowledgeable commercial electricians can help with aspects such as the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting, solar hot water systems and more.

They can also conduct energy audits and provide insights into the appliances and infrastructure. Also, they can guide you on which upgrades would help reduce power consumption minimising your energy overheads by cutting your power bills. As mentioned earlier, light sensors, dimmers, relays etc. are some of the other energy-efficient installations you can opt for.

Enhancing Safety and Productivity

While there are many different aspects that commercial electricians can help with, you need to find a company that has the experience and a good reputation in the market. You also need to check their licensing and determine whether they are the right fit for your business. Understand what kind of pricing structure they maintain and whether they have provisions for regular electrical maintenance contracts as these are crucial in ensuring the functionality and efficiency of your electrical system.

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