1. Remote Access

When you store your data on the cloud, it provides additional protection from data loss and hackers by encrypting the security footage and becomes a reliable method of storing it off-site. Without remote storage/cloud backup, stolen video recorders would result in loss of all the CCTV footage and crucial evidence of crimes taking place. You should opt for a system that has on site and cloud storage options. Smart devices make monitoring easy and simple.

2. Motion & Heat-Sensing Functions

What makes motion PIR and heat sensors different from conventional systems is that the former are able to capture temperature and heat-related information. This considerably reduces the chances of false triggers caused by various things like windy days, passing traffic and falling leaves; all these are motion-triggered. When your CCTV system has these technologies, you can set your devices to record whenever an event is triggered which improves drive space usage.

3. Active Deterrence Function

It ensures that the CCTV system is preventing crime not just by recording it. The system you opt for should have- built in sensor lights, smart alerts and video analytics.

4. Siren

The feature scares intruders off with flashing lights and alarm bells. Camera systems that have integrated sires are also monitored remotely and triggered by motion, when an intrusion is suspected.

5. Colour Recording

Currently, you can choose from two primary forms of night-vision technology: Starlight and IR or infrared. The latter function utilises built-in infrared LEDS, which means that record only in B&W. On the other hand, starlight cameras use low level ambient light to create colour images.

You will also find some brands offering different traditional starlight technology variations. Its best to opt for a camera that offers colour recording options as colour helps provide important details including the colour of a suspect’s clothes, their skin complexion and the make and colour of suspicious vehicles etc.

6. Two-way audio

Two-way talk functionality can act as a deterrent, as well as a conventional intercom system and enables users to talk back and listen to people that are in front of the camera. You can use this feature to instruct deliverymen where to leave parcels when you aren’t at home. It also helps to scare-off potential vandals and home intruders as they become aware that you are contacting the police and they are being recorded.

Certain security cameras that have audio input offer the audio recording ability. If a crime does occur, this becomes an added evidence as off-screen sounds are also recorded. Law enforcement can use this to identify voices through their language, accent, age and gender.

7. Streaming and Voice Control

Systems that have this option typically connect to various home automation devices like Google Home Hub and Alexa. So you can use voice commands to view footage when you playback. This adds convenience and comfort.

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