How to improve electrical safety while you are away from home

These are some of the basic things to do when it comes to maintaining proper electrical safety in your home:

1. Unplug all the non-essential home appliances and devices

This is particularly important in the case of straightening irons, heaters etc. which have the potential to cause fires. Even when you switch off these appliances at the wall, it is best to unplug them to be on the safer side. Walk through every room in your home and ensure that you do this meticulously before you leave for a longer period.

2. Use timers for the lights

When you are not at home, you would not want to advertise that your property is unoccupied. It is best to use timers for all your lights which means that they will be switched on and off just for a few hours after dark. It is a good way to give an impression that there is someone at home. There are different types of timers available and some of them would not be suitable for the outdoor environment, and using them there can be dangerous. If you want to add timers to the outdoor lights, make sure that you purchase ones that are suitable for that setting.

3. Check whether all the essential appliances are in working condition

If you do have to leave some of the lights on, you must ensure that they are not faulty in any way. If there are other devices of appliances that you plan not to switch off, such as radius or televisions, set them on timer switches. If you feel that, any of the appliances are faulty, call in a professional to get them checked for you. The other option is to turn them off so that you can get them fixed or replaced once you return from your holiday.

4. Ensure that your smoke alarms are in working condition

It is crucial that you check all the smoke alarms on your property before you leave and change out the batteries if required. Also, inform a trusted neighbour that you would be away so that they would investigate or call emergency services if they hear smoke alarms activating on your property. It is very common for people to presume that a smoke alarm has gone off only because of some food burning in the kitchen and they might not pay attention to it.

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