A garden without outdoor lighting can never be used to the fullest extent, depriving you of great pleasure. Outdoor lighting has many benefits like improved security, enhanced aesthetics, and it adds to the curb appeal of your property.

Outdoor lighting fixtures are available in a variety of styles and finishes, and these add to the style quotient of your home. Fixtures with quality waterproofing do not require shelter and can rough it out in any season. However, lights with minimal waterproofing can be used in semi-outdoor areas like covered patios and decks, etc.

Practical Aspects to Keep In View

You need to pay attention to certain aspects while choosing outdoor lights such as the IP rating, which is always mentioned on the packaging. This factor is vital because when you fit any lights outdoors, they need to be durable and waterproof.

Let us see what IP (Ingress Protection) rating indicates. Look at the first and second digit. These digits tell you the levels of sealing effectiveness of the lights from intrusion – the first digit related to foreign bodies like dust, tools, etc. and the second digit to moisture.

While a minimum rating of 44 is necessary, look for a higher one if these lights are exposed directly to heavy rain or water from garden sprinklers. The highest rating lights of 68 are for use in water features like ponds, waterfalls, and fountains, etc. You need an experienced electrician to ensure that the wiring and sockets are installed with extreme care because outdoor lights and wiring are exposed to the elements.

Entrance Light Fittings

Entrance lights are the face of your house because they brighten the path to the front door of your home. The illumination they provide makes it easy for you to welcome visitors and identify callers at your door. Use 60W porch lights that complement the styling of your front door and exterior architecture.

You can also use 100W bulbs if your house is set back from the street or is on a poorly-lit road. Some people add path lights and uplighters in the garden to add brightness to the outdoor spaces.

Patio and Deck light fixtures

Do you use your outdoor area for dining and entertaining friends often? Then patio lights can make the place more usable. You can choose from a variety of light fittings to suit your style preferences. Install wall-mounted decorative lights, recessed spotlights for the ceiling area, or pendant glass lamps to create the perfect mood. Ensure that the lighting theme beautifies your furniture, and illuminates the outdoor area correctly, allowing you to use these spaces optimally.

Decorative Lights

Decorative lights bring your outdoors to life, add charm to the place, and create a warm and pleasant environment. Colourful or white lights, string lights, accent lights, and light curtains swaying in the breeze induce a cheerful and ethereal atmosphere. There is an amazing variety of outdoor lights to choose from so you can turn your yard into a comfortable and beautiful place. Illuminate particular features like trees, a fountain in the garden, or the path by using accent lights or uplighters.

Security lights

Security lights are as crucial as decorative lighting. These motion sensor lights get activated by movement at night, and you can direct them on areas like paths or the front door where security threat is higher. They should be installed at a height of about two meters to prevent tampering.

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