Every home will have a certain number of light fixtures and the maintenance of these can become a major chore. Cleaning and replacing the old light fittings can take up a lot of your leisure time, but the fact is that this simple maintenance step can go a long way in freshening & brightening the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. We at AllRound Electricalhave put together these basic light fixture maintenance tips that can brighten up even the dullest of fixtures in your home.


If you are considering replacing any old light fixtures yourself, you first need to ensure that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed to the tee. It’s important to carry out the replacement safely so if you have any kind of doubts or questions about the fixture’s connections, simply contact your local licensed electrician before attempting to tackle this job yourself. Here are the steps to follow to replace light fixtures in your home:

  1. Switch off the power via the main electrical circuit panel for the area/room that you will be working in.

  2. Remove the older fixture by opening its cover and then the wire connectors.

  3. Untwist the wires in the fixture before removing the trim/base from the older fixture.

  4. Next you need to tighten the screws in the box that’s fitted in the ceiling and make sure it’s secure. While doing so, ensure that you aren’t over-tightening the screws. If you feel a little doubtful about the integrity of the existing electrical box, stop the work and contact an electrician right away and get it inspected before replacing any fixture.

  5. Connect the wiring as per the manufacturer’s instructions and screw on both the wire connectors.

  6. Fit bulbs of the right wattage in the fixture and then carefully switch on the circuit in the main electrical panel.

  7. Install the trim as well as the cover on the light fixture.


If the light fixtures in your home are in a good condition and you only need to spruce them up a little, you can use these cleaning tips:

Ceiling and wall fixtures

Remove the ceiling fixture cover carefully and then place it in a sink filled with a diluted soap solution. Dry it completely and shine it using a microfiber cloth. You can do the same with wall fixtures like sconces.


This job needs to be carried out with care. Take down the chandelier and then lay it down carefully on a thick towel placed on a table. Combine 3 cups of water, 1/4th cup of white vinegar and a few tablespoons of mild dishwash soap. Fill a spray bottle with this solution and apply it to the crystals. Let the solution dry completely and then polish every single crystal using a microfiber cloth.

Recessed lights

Use a slightly damp cloth or microfiber cloth to wipe the inner surfaces of the recessed light fixture canisters and bulbs.

Pendant lights

First turn off the lights and allow the bulbs to cool before you spray and wipe the outer surfaces of the lights with a mild cleaning spray and the microfiber cloth. Ensure that all the extension rods and bulbs are wiped clean too.

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