When people have a growing family, they may need to consider moving into a bigger home at some point of time. But that isn’t always a feasible or necessary option in every situation; and sometimes, getting extensions or additions done works better for most families. Not only does this give you the extra square footage you need, but also ensures you don’t need to move out of a neighbourhood you are comfortable in.

But it is crucial to keep in view that this type of additional space needs to blend in with the existing space in every aspect. There are a number of points to keep in view with home additions/extensions; and it’s very important that the planning and installations of all the features be handled well to help avoid any rework or remodelling. Read on to learn more about the role of electrical upgrades in a home extension project.


Whether you are considering getting a new bedroom, study, home office, bathroom or kitchen built, there are a number of things to keep in view before the drywall installation is done. This new space will need new wiring, lighting fixtures, outlets, temperature controls and switches.

Based on the size of the available space, you would need a variety of electrical fittings and simply extending the existing circuits won’t help. That will only load the system and cause problems in the long term. Using electrical circuits that don’t have the capacity to bear the electrical load of the additional fixtures and appliances in the new space can lead to power fluctuations, electrical outages and in some cases electrical fires as well.

Based on the dimensions of the new space and the type of electrical appliances, devices or equipment that is to be used there, you may need an entirely new electrical circuit to properly handle the added electrical load. This means an addition will have to be made to the existing electrical panel. And it isn’t a job that can be handled by a novice; this is because additions to the main electrical panel can be extremely complex and since this panel also distributes electricity to the rest of the areas in your home, you want it to be in the best possible shape.


When you take all these things into account, you may begin to feel that a home addition is a much more complex task than you had previously imagined; and it’s why you need professionals to handle various aspects of the task. The new electrical wiring and other installations will have to be done as per the code and only a certified and licensed electrician would be knowledgeable enough to handle the job satisfactorily.

If you are performing any type of home expansion or addition, ensure that all the electrical upgrades are up to code. The very last thing you want is to deal with constant electrical problems and outages or even the threat of short circuits and a fire. We at All Round Electricals are one of the leading electrical companies in the region and focus on providing excellent, customised solutions to residential as well as commercial clients. Regardless of whether you want a few switches installed or need wiring and new systems for an extension or addition, we are the experts to call.

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