Most homeowners today have some form of security systems like CCTV cameras in the outdoor areas of their home. And to a certain extent, this helps deter criminal elements from encroaching on your property or entering your home. However, in addition to CCTV surveillance cameras, it’s also important that you have proper outdoor lighting for all the open spaces on your property.

This includes the boundaries, outdoor living areas like the poolscape, outdoor kitchen, patio and deck spaces. The logic behind this is pretty simple. Unsavoury elements like thieves, burglars, vandals, and trespassers prefer to go unnoticed. In addition to surveillance cameras and other alarm systems, keeping your property well-illuminated will stop these elements in their tracks.


We at AllRound Electrical endorse the use of outdoor lighting and encourage clients to get various outdoor lighting fixtures installed. While overall home safety is definitely a strong motivator, the right type of outdoor lighting can also significantly enhance the ambience of your property, casting artful and subtle light on your home’s structure. All things considered, we advocate adopting a holistic approach to the aspect of outdoor security lighting. Some of the things you can focus on include:

  • The light fixtures that are in front of your home should be placed on a timer. This signals intruders that there is someone at home even when they’re not.

  • You can use timers on indoor lighting to send a similar message.

Install outdoor security lights in these five strategic areas: