Garage Interior Lighting

Here are a few excellent and highly-effective ways to illuminate your garage. The right kind of illumination boosts its safety, efficiency, aesthetics as well as the visibility of the space.

1. Consider More Than Overhead Lighting

Artificial lighting falls into one of these three categories – accent, ambient, and task. However, your garage should implement all three forms.

  • Ambient lighting is generally a soft overhead light that is perfect for illuminating the walls and floors which helps you move around and park your car safely.

  • Task lighting, on the other hand, is used for lighting that’s intended for work or even storage spaces. Task lights help to increase visibility by a considerable margin during a project that requires proper detailing.

  • Accent lighting falls right between ambient and task lighting in terms of brightness. It is the perfect kind of illumination for decor pieces that you want to emphasize.

  • As garages are used for several different reasons, it’s a great idea to layer illumination. Layering ensures you have the perfect lighting for parking, storage, handiwork, and display. While you’re positioning these lighting fixtures, keep these pointers in mind.

2. Opt For Fixtures Based On Their Function

To ensure that you cover all bases, it’s best to opt for fixtures in every category of ligh