Electrical Safety To Keep In View

Before you start on any electrical work in your home, here are some safety pointers to follow:

1. Install Circuit Breakers

If your property doesn’t have circuit breakers already before you start renovations, contact a licensed electrician and get these installed. These devices monitor electricity flow in your home. In case of any interruption, they detect it and instantly cuts the power supply. For instance, if some electrical appliances come in contact with water, circuit breakers recognise some issue, and they turn off the electricity; this helps prevent fire and electrocution.

2. Don’t Overload the Power Outlets

While carrying out any renovations, workers will use various power tools for different jobs. To avoid risking electrical problems and overloading the power outlets, always use one power socket only for one appliance/tool. This is particularly crucial when many tradespeople work in your home and use various power tools simultaneously.

3. Don’t Bend the Leads

Always keep the leads out of the way and as straight as possible to reduce the chances of tripping. You might damage the lead or even have a nasty fall. Never use extension cords or power boards in the exterior areas of your home unless they have the necessary ratings. Contact with rain or excessive heat from the sun can cause them damage and potentially lead to a fire.

4. Keep All the Work Areas Dry

While we don’t leave water just lying around on the floor in various areas of your home, it can happen when renovation work is in progress. With all the dust and dirt lying around, it isn’t difficult to forget that electricity and water don’t mix and can be quite a fatal combination. Make it a point to mop up any water lying around right away. If there is any damage to a water pipe during the project, make sure that you remove all nearby electrical devices, tools and appliances and switch off the power in that area. Never operate any electrical equipment if your hands or clothes are wet.

5. Replace All Deteriorated or Damaged Wiring

When renovating an older property, you might come across deteriorated or damaged wiring. Always assume that damaged wiring will be an issue and never attempt to repair it yourself. Leave it alone and contact us for an assessment of the wires. If required, we will replace them.

Renovating always comes with some amount of responsibility, and being aware of the electrical safety to follow is vital to avoid hazards like electrocution, fires and even accidental death.

When renovating your home, if you are in doubt about the condition of the electrical fixtures and fittings, contact skilled professionals like us. We conduct electrical inspections and audits and handle all manner of electrical works, including new installations, repairs and maintenance

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