The Problems That Aging Outlets Present

Besides being an eyesore, aging outlets present a lot more problems. Although there might not be any visible indication of the issues, you are definitely putting your home at risk. The only way you can keep your property safe is by understanding the different aspects and knowing when to have these electrical outlets replaced. A few problems that electrical problems often cause include:

  • Outlet And Wire Degradation – The lifespan of most outlets and their wires are little over five years. This makes them somewhat susceptible to damage. Wires start to settle over a period, which changes the way they make contact. Although the risk is relatively small, consider inspecting these wires every few years to ensure the safety of your property.

  • Outdated Outlets – The safety of your house is also compromised if the outlets are providing insufficient electricity for your appliances and devices or if they’re underground. You should definitely consider having these outlets replaced with newer ones if they’re unable to provide adequate power for your needs.

  • Outlets Cannot Keep Up – Technology is something that’s always changing. In case you notice flickering lights or have an inconsistent power supply, it’s most likely because the wiring on your property is unable to keep up with your increasing power demands. It would help if you determine when to have all the electrical outlets in your house replaced.

Signs That Electrical Outlet Replacement Is Required

From both visual to functional signs, here are a few of the most common indications that your electrical outlets need immediate replacement:

1. Plug Falls Off As Soon As You Insert It in the Outlet

The contacts located in the outlet are most likely worn out if the slots are loose, and the plugs fall off regardless of the appliance being used. Although it might not seem like a big deal at the time, loose slots that are caused by worn-down outlets can result in electrical arcing and poses a severe fire hazard. Consider immediate replacement.

2. Outlets Get Hot

Outlets that get hot after minimal use often indicate electrical issues that are caused due to damaged, loose, or worn-out wires located behind the wall. They pose a considerable fire risk to your property.

3. Discoloured outlets

Chances are that your outlet may be damaged, improperly installed, or even burned if the surrounding wall or the outlet itself is discoloured. Scorch marks or melted plastic around the receptacle are a result of short circuits, and can eventually result in fires. You should avoid using discoloured outlets. Firstly, cut off the power to the outlet, and call in a licensed professional to inspect it and fix the issue.

4. You See a Spark, Smoke, or Smell Something When You Plug In an Appliance

These signs mentioned above are definite indicators that you need to replace the outlet right away. A short circuit or water exposure is the likely cause of this. Contact a professional for inspection and have the outlet replaced. Popping or sizzling sounds are particularly a cause for concern as they can result in fires. Switch off the power to the outlet at the panel and call in an electrician.

Adding New Appliances

Besides these common issues, you should also consider upgrading your outlets if you have decided to add any heavy-duty appliances such as:

  • Portable air conditioners

  • Computers

  • Microwaves

  • Washers and dryers

  • Hot tubs

If you have decided to install either of these, contact the team at All Round Electricals. We can help you determine when these outlets need replacement, so you can prepare for these newer additions. Our team of highly-trained technicians will carry out all tasks with the utmost efficiency, so you no longer have to worry about fires or any other such risks.

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