Causes of Blurry Security Camera Footage

1. An Out-Of-Focus Lens

Sometimes varifocal lenses become out of focus resulting in blurry footage. Autofocus devices adjust the focal length and the images are generally sharp. However, the former type of lenses have small screws that you need to adjust during installation for the best focus. In some systems, you can also adjust the focus through your smartphone app and you can try either of these methods to see whether the issue is resolved.

2. Dirty Lens

Most CCTVs are robust and built to endure exposure to the elements. However, they too can become impacted by inclement weather sometimes. Dust and dirt build-up on the camera lens can cause blurry footage and this is more common when it’s raining and the lens becomes wet and dirty. If you find dots showing up on the footage, check whether there is any dirt stuck to the camera lens and if there is, use a microfiber cloth to wipe it off carefully.

If the CCTV device is installed out of reach, wrap the microfiber cloth around an extendable pole and clean the lens with a water and mild liquid soap solution. It’s also a good idea to hire professionals for regular CCTV and security system maintenance as the lenses will then be cleaned during these regular visits.

3. Defective Image Sensor

Hardware issues might sometimes be the cause of blurry video quality. If you find that the quality of the images does not change even when you adjust the focus screws, it can indicate a defective image sensor. If your device is under warranty, get it replaced immediately. Hardware defects must be fixed before they get out of hand if the device is out of warranty.

4. You are using a low–res CCTV camera

If you compare low-res cameras to advanced high-definition ones, images from the former can seem blurry. Resolution is the detailing that the CCTV captures and a higher resolution will result in sharper images. If you are using an older low-resolution camera, you might want to consider upgrading to a more modern device. You can easily check the camera resolution in the user manual that came in the box. Alternatively, it may be mentioned on the underside of the device. If you can’t find the information in either of these ways, you can look for it on Google as well. In case you want to upgrade to a more modern device, contact experts that will help you with the information you need to make a better-informed decision. They will discuss your requirements and keep your budget in view before providing suitable solutions.

5. Loose video connectors