While many people in Australia continue to use CFL bulbs, there is a greater awareness about the benefits of LED light bulbs and the trend is steadily shifting to the latter. Today, the focus is on using eco-friendly building products, installations and features and light emitting diode technology fits in perfectly with this focus.


While this is a major advantage, there are many other notable benefits of LED light bulbs and fittings that have led to the rise in demand for these bulbs.

#1 Longevity

These bulbs are designed to provide illumination for an average of 35,000-100,000 hours (depending on the brand and model). This means you can expect LED bulbs to last for up to 15 years with a regular usage of six to eight hours each day. They won’t burn out over time like incandescents or halogens or even lose their brightness.

#2 Highly energy-efficient

LEDs are the most energy-efficient lighting option; they are 80% more energy-efficient than the standard incandescent bulbs which lose 80% of their energy in the form heat, this makes them only 20% efficient. If you replace all the bulbs in your house with LEDs, you will find it to be a worthwhile investment for a number of years.

#3 Eco-friendly lighting

LED bulbs don’t have any toxic compounds such as mercury. They help reduce your carbon footprint as they are 100% recyclable. Since they last for such a long time, it results in savings on production and material costs as well.

#4 Negligible UV emissions

They produce minimal infra-red light and UV emissions, which makes them perfect for use in closed spaces such as cupboards and storage facilities; they won’t degrade the stored products by either heat or ultraviolet rays. Today many museums, art galleries as well as homeowners are using LEDs to illuminate artwork, displays, without causing any damage to them.

#5 Durability and strength

LED bulbs are made using resilient components and materials which can withstand abrasion, vibrations, shocks and climatic conditions very well. This makes them ideal for civil engineering and roadside applications.

#6 Versatile

These bulbs are available in a range of colours and hues, shapes sizes and in different types of fittings as well. You can choose from various wattages to achieve the ambience you want in your residential or commercial setting. These lighting fixtures are ideal for mood lighting and to create a very uplifting and soothing effect in any indoor or outdoor space.

#7 They light up instantly

LED bulbs reach full brightness as soon as they are switched on. You can turn them on and off as many times as required without impacting their performance and brightness, even in the long-term. Low-energy bulbs and halogen lights generally take at least a few minutes to reach their maximum illumination levels. Excessive use also reduces their lifespan significantly.

#8 Function well in extreme temperatures

LED bulbs and fixtures are ideal for use in extremely cold temperature such as regions with extreme climates or even freezer rooms. In comparison, fluorescent or incandescent bulbs can become impacted by the cold. Light emitting diodes are extremely reliable even in very low temperatures.

#9 They will provide illumination even in low-power voltage situations

Since LEDs can operate at low voltage, they are suitable for outdoor settings such as garden rooms, pool houses, poolscapes, outdoor living areas, landscape lighting and more

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