Benefits Of A Residential Energy Audit

There are many benefits to getting a residential energy audit, such as:

1. Identify Areas That Will Help You Save Money On Your Bills

The weather conditions in most regions of Australia can be quite unpredictable. When you conduct a detailed energy audit of your property, it provides you excellent value for money. It allows you to inspect where your home is losing excessive energy. Based on the auditor’s report and recommendations, you can make the required repairs or upgrades, saving you money in the long-term. When you can figure out which areas in your home are losing a more significant amount of cold or hot air, you can fix that aspect and save a lot of money on your utility bills each month.

2. Helps in Better Home Budgeting

When you take an inventory of all the fixtures and appliances in your home that require an upgrade or repair, it also allows you to budget for keeping your home energy efficient without compromising on the comfort aspect. Most people are not sure about which fixtures in their homes might be causing escalated energy bills. For example, windows that do not seal properly or an old dishwasher can consume a significant amount of energy, adding to your monthly bills.

When you get a home energy audit done, you would be able to identify all these inconsistencies in your residential premises. You can then make a budget to cover the upgrades as well as various expenses that you need to keep all your home appliances operating efficiently.

3. Make Better-Informed Decisions While Purchasing New, Energy-Efficient Devices

You can save a considerable amount of money on your monthly energy bills when you invest in energy-efficient fixtures and fittings. Heating and cooling make up a large portion of an average Australian household’s energy usage. Once you have conducted your home energy audit, you need to make sure that all the spaces are thermally efficient. This is a crucial step to follow before you invest in any energy-efficient home appliances; it will ensure that all your bases are covered.

Sometimes, saving money on your energy bill can be quite straightforward. For example, if you have a fridge that is two decades old, consider replacing it with one that has a good energy star rating. You can also opt for LED lighting, which is 80% more efficient than standard options. Replacing all the light bulbs on your property is a simple and effective way of saving money.

4. Environment-Friendly Solutions

When you are more aware of the energy used on your property, you can make better energy-efficient choices. Also, while saving money, you would be doing your bit for the planet. When you reduce household energy usage, it reduces the amount of greenhouse gas released into the atmosphere; this helps improve your carbon footprint. Focusing on improving energy efficiency on your residential property is one way of helping to protect our planet.

Skilled and Licensed Electricians Can Help

A licensed electrician will use various tools such as a digital probe thermometer and blower door while conducting energy audits. It is an excellent way to determine the levels of energy usage on your property. The experts can tackle all types of electrical problems and issues that your home might be facing.

Is an Energy Audit Worth The Expense?

This is a valid question many homeowners have when they hear that it’s a good idea to conduct an energy audit. As mentioned earlier, doing this audit will save you quite some money on your monthly energy bills, while reducing the impact on the environment. All the money that you save by conducting the audit repays itself quickly. You can identify which areas of your property need improvement, and it helps to make your home more comfortable as well.

Energy Audit before Purchasing a Home

Just as you can conduct an energy audit in your home, you can also get one while considering investing in a new one. You always want to be sure that the house you buy is structurally sound and that there are no hidden problems that would show up at a later stage, which can be difficult and expensive to fix.

It’s why prospective homeowners get pest & building inspections done before they commit to buying a property. While this is a wise decision, most people don’t know they can also get a residential energy audit done. It is an excellent way to determine whether the house you are considering to purchase is energy efficient.

You can discuss your requirement with a local licensed electrician and tell them your specific needs. They will conduct a detailed energy audit and give you a report. If there are any issues, it can give you some leverage while bargaining for a better price on the property you are planning to buy.

Things to consider while hiring a professional for an electrical audit

Some of the things you should be checking before hiring an energy auditor include:

  • Make sure that they are qualified to provide the service. They should also be able to offer customised solutions and cater to your requirements.

  • Check what kind of tools they are using in this work, as that is a critical aspect of the job. Typically, they would use an infrared camera, a duct blower, and a blower door in the audit.

  • Ensure that the company has the necessary licensing and experience to manage the job to industry standards. It is also essential to check whether they will be providing you with a detailed report about their finding from the energy audit.

Reliable and Affordable Energy Audits

When it comes to the energy efficiency of your home, there should be no compromise. We are at AllRound Electricals and are one of the most reputed and well-established companies in this industry. We work with our clients to make sure they get value for money in the services we provide.

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