Questions to Ask

Some of the questions you should be asking while determining how many CCTV cameras you need include:

  • Do you want the cameras at the entrance to your building as well as the reception area?

  • Do you want to prevent theft?

  • Do you need to monitor the on-site staff?

  • Is it necessary for you to monitor loading dock areas?

  • Any other question that is specific to your property and setting

Aspects to Consider

There are several different factors to take into consideration, such as:

1. Entry and Exit Points

The number of entry points to your premises is likely the most crucial aspect when it comes to determining the number of cameras you need. These cameras act as deterrents to thieves. The devices also enable you to monitor and video record every person entering and exiting your property, round the clock.

In case a crime occurs on your business premises, or any items go missing, you would be able to identify the culprit by checking the video feed. So, you would need at least one camera at each entry and exit point, or more depending on the layout of the area. The idea is to ensure there are no blind spots, and you have clear visibility of everyone entering or exiting the property. In case any intruders enter your property, the video footage will serve as evidence when you approach law enforcement with the complaint.

2. The Spread of the Premises

This is another crucial aspect to take into account when deciding how many cameras you need. For instance, if you have multiple entry and exit points to the building and 20-30 desks or various work zones and storage areas for filing documents, etc., you are sure to need many cameras.