What is Energy Efficient Lighting?

Using energy-efficient lighting helps reduce the amount that you spend on electricity cost each month for your commercial property. It aims to keep lighting wattage low, without impacting illumination levels in various areas. Modern-day LED lighting fixtures and different control technologies provide the perfect solution to reducing energy consumption and costs.

These efforts help improve the efficiency and profitability of your business. Another important aspect is that since LED lights and bulbs are low maintenance, you end up spending less on that aspect as well.

How to Achieve Better Energy-Efficiency

Fortunately, upgrading to energy-efficient lighting is not a complicated matter. Professionals provide the best solutions after having detailed discussions with you about your requirements and the kind of illumination you need on your property. You can achieve better energy efficiency on your commercial premises in various ways, such as:

  • One of the simplest ways is to switch from incandescent to light-emitting diode bulbs.

  • Install motion sensors in less-frequented areas. These will help to turn the lights on only when someone enters that room or space.

  • Maximise natural light by installing skylights and larger windows. It will reduce your dependency on artificial light during the daytime.

How Energy Efficient Lighting Installations Can Improve Business Profitability

Here we will take a closer look at how you can improve your business profitability with the installation of well-planned lighting systems and energy-efficient features:

  • Properly planned lights can boost employee productivity – When you have better lighting installations in the workstation areas in an office or central locations in a retail space, it improves employee morale. They are happier to come to work and more motivated too. Your employees will respond positively to these changes and become more productive which also boosts your profitability.

  • Well-Illuminated Spaces Can Reduce Sick Days – If you have poorly illuminated areas on your business property, it can affect your employees’ health. For example, low lights or flickering lights can result in fatigue, stress and accidents, which can lead to injury. It also means that you, as a business, will end up spending a more significant amount of pay-outs for sick employees.Without you realising it, sick days can cost your business a large amount of money per year. You can easily avoid some of this by installing the right amount of lighting fixtures in strategic locations in your office or commercial setting.

  • Reduces Business Overhead Costs – Many recurring operating costs of your business can eat it to a significant chunk of your business profits. Electricity consumption due to lighting and electrical devices and equipment are a major overhead cost that most businesses are unable to adequately control.However, if you retrofit your business setting with energy-efficient light fittings, you can save up to 80% on energy consumption. As a business, you can also take advantage of your state’s subsidies. In NSW there is the NSS, and these subsidies can help improve cost savings while increasing your profits.

  • Happier Customers – Many people do not realise this. However, poor quality illumination in the indoor and outdoor areas of their property can become a deterrent for customers. If you have inadequate lighting in the indoor areas of your retail space customers would not be able to view and assess the products they are considering to buy. It will also reduce their sense of comfort while shopping on your premises. If you upgrade your retail store with LED lights, you will notice a significant uplift in sales.

Regardless of how you look at it, installing energy-efficient lights on your commercial property can result in significant energy savings. It lowers your overhead expenses without you having to sacrifice lighting quality in any way. Some property owners feel that investing in energy-efficient lighting will be a financial burden. While there are some initial costs involved in these upgrades, these installations pay for themselves very quickly which means you benefit and get an excellent return on investment

Why Opt For Customized Energy-Efficient Lighting Installations?

Upgrading the lighting on your property to energy-efficient systems is a great benefit. However, it requires some amount of planning and is not a one-size-fits-all solution. For example, a warehouse that has few windows, deep shelves and high ceilings will have different lighting needs compared to an office building that has plenty of natural light and an open floor plan.

If you hire professionals to redesign your existing lighting system, it can help you leverage the superior physical qualities of the latest LED fixtures. It also means that you will end up using fewer fixtures than usual. LED lights and fittings are available in a variety of optical efficiencies and optics. Since the view that these bulbs emit is in a single direction, you can use optics to control the emission more simply.

LEDs are very tiny, yet they produce the right amount of illumination with very little radiated heat. It means that you can easily place optics close to the bulbs or even on them. These allow you better optical control and minimise the glare even as you use your fixtures. Investing in new energy-efficient lighting fixtures is an excellent way to save costs on electricity each month which will also improve your profitability over the longer term.

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