In today’s world, security cameras are becoming immensely popular. Regardless of where you decide to install them (office space or home), a CCTV camera allows you to keep track of all activities taking place there. It is an excellent deterrent for thieves.

Many people opt for high-resolution cameras as they capture images with much better clarity, which allows easy identification of the intruder’s faces. There are several different types and models of security cameras available in the market that can suit your specific requirements.

A high-resolution night vision camera is the perfect option for you if your primary objective is to deter criminals. These cameras are capable of capturing high-quality videos, even in entirely dark areas. Here are a few key features that your night vision CCTV camera must have:

#1 B&W or Coloured Camera?

If you’re considering installing a CCTV camera in an area that’s well-lit during the day as well at night, consider installing a colour security cameras. However, in cases of dark corridors or areas that have no ambient lighting, it’s crucial that you install night vision cameras. Several colour cameras come with an infrared filter.

For roughly the same price, a black and white CCTV camera will typically be much better than a colour camera. Several night vision cameras use infrared, and “floods” the dark areas, thus capturing videos and photos very clearly. These cameras switch off the IR lights when they detect that the coverage area is illuminated sufficiently. They will switch on again once it gets dark.

#2 Wired Cameras or Wireless Ones?

People are often confused about whether to opt for a wired CCTV camera or a wireless one. Before making your choice, it’s essential that you understand a few things about both of