Protecting your property with a CCTV camera system is a vital aspect of planning your home’s security system. You’ll find an array of security cameras and alarm systems on the market today. It isn’t uncommon for people to have valuable possessions in their home and knowing how best to protect them is become a priority for residential property owners.

The best way to maintain the security of your home is to install advanced surveillance cameras. These systems need to cover all the entry points to your home as well as all the outdoor spaces.


Wireless security cameras are increasingly becoming a popular choice when it comes to home security. These cameras use the Wi-Fi system in your home to send data over the LAN (Local Area Network). One of the biggest benefits of Wi-Fi cameras is that you don’t need to install any kind of complex wiring system. Aside from this, you are also able to view real-time images via electronic devices that have Internet connectivity.

What makes these systems extremely beneficial is that you can monitor your home from any remote location across the world, as long as you have an Internet connection. The bandwidth feature will determine the number of cameras that can be installed in your system.


Today, there are a large number of wireless security cameras available on the market. Here we discuss a few of them:

#1 Cameras With Night Vision Function

These are highly advanced systems that can easily switch to night vision when they sense poor light conditions. They do an excellent job of capturing images even when the spaces are covered in darkness. The cameras use formal imaging to sense objects and capture these for viewing. Certain night vision security cameras incorporate image enhancement technology that can produce an image. Wi-Fi Night Vision cameras have LEDs that reflect from objects and the device amplifies the images.

#2 Wireless Cameras With Motion Detector

Wireless cameras operate on batteries and changing them out can prove to be an added maintenance task. The one way to conserve battery power in these cameras used to opt for systems that have motion detection capabilities. These systems will switch on only when they sense any movement within their range. You have the option to choose from devices with lenses that zoom-in & sweep the space, or ones that remain in fixed positions. The cameras can also be used to monitor indoor spaces.

#3 Round-The-Clock Monitored Alarm Systems

When you are choosing any new security equipment for your home, there is another aspect you need to keep in view. You can opt for one that’s monitored by a professional security company. There are a number of reliable companies that provide 24/7 surveillance, at a surprisingly low monthly cost.

Regardless of how great your system is, it just isn’t possible for you to watch your property round-the-clock. In comparison, an alarm company hires and trains personnel to respond to any type of home intrusion. Some companies also coordinate with local law enforcement officers, while other systems may be wired directly to fire departments and law enforcement departments.


Depending on the layout of your property and your specific needs, you can choose a CCTV and alarm system that will improve the security levels of your home. We at AllRound Electricals have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to install these systems in your home. For tips on how to future proof your security system, click here.

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