Manual and Motorised Zoom Lenses – The Differences

Most varifocal CCTV security camera models come with motorised zoom lenses, but certain models are manual. It means you can alter the focal length by adjusting it manually.

Which Camera Is Best For Business Premises? If you are looking for a camera for a commercial setting, it’s best to install one with a motorised zoom lens if you have the budget for it. The focal length is adjusted automatically which means you get auto-focused footage, which is very clear. Motorised lenses don’t generally lose focus even when exposed to temperature changes, windy conditions etc. which can otherwise cause expansion and shrinkage of the lens. But varifocal camera lenses are far more affected by these problems. It means that unattended commercial security systems are vulnerable and can get impacted by these factors. In motorised lenses, you don’t have to make any manual camera adjustments and can easily control the system via a web interface or smartphone app. So all it takes is the touch of a screen or click of a button to change the viewing angle, focal length etc.

The Ideal Cameras for Home Applications

In residential settings, a high-resolution fixed lens camera can be the ideal, cost-effective solution. Varifocal products are priced higher and may not always fit into a homeowner’s budget. If you opt for a high-res camera (4mp or higher), it would capture image details like license plate numbers, facial details etc.

Motorised varifocal lenses have the zoom function to capture these details. But you do have the option to zoom in to a high-res fixed camera footage to view the same details, after the fact. The main difference is that a fixed lens CCTV camera’s field of view can’t be adjusted easily once you have installed the device.

If you feel that the camera angle does not work for some reason, the only solution would be to reinstall it in another position. However, if you have hired a professional for the camera installation and they have checked the field of view to ensure the right viewing angle and optimal coverage, this would not pose a problem.

However, this is where a manual varifocal lens can be better than a fixed camera. If this type of device has not been installed to the best viewing ability, you can adjust the lens without any major trouble like reinstalling the whole CCTV camera.

Hire Professionals for CCTV Installation

If you are using a manual varifocal/fixed lens camera to monitor the outdoor areas of your property, it’s a good idea to install a mix of smaller and larger focal length cameras. This will help ensure that all the wide-angle view and vital details can be captured well.

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