There is a significant growth in consumer interest in smart homes. Advancement in technology has brought to market superior automation systems with incredible features that offer homeowners fantastic functionality. Several aspects of everyday life can easily be improved by incorporating smart home features, such as:

  • Lighting – Set a schedule to control the illumination of any room. You can change the lighting to set a mood, to entertain guests, or even illuminate outdoor spaces. These highly-advanced systems also change their lighting under specific circumstances.

  • Entertainment – The automated systems can also be used for both audio and video streaming.

  • Climate control – Motorized shades can also be included and programmed to adjust automatically to specific seasons or settings.

  • Security – Advanced sensors and high-resolution cameras provide you with a direct video feed of your entire house.

Mistakes to Avoid

While all these features provide excellent functionality, thorough planning, and proper infrastructure are critical. Just as it is essential to have a good understanding of which features you need and how you need to install them, you also need to know what to avoid.

Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes that homeowners tend to make while planning their smart home:

1. Inadequate Planning