Common Electrical Problems

Older homes may have older wiring and electrical components too, which increases the chances of electrical problems arising. The fixtures and fittings tend to wear out faster and that can create more frequent problems in the circuits and installations in the home. Rodent infestations over the years can compound these issues as well. Some common electrical problems in residential properties include:

1. Light Bulbs Burn Out Frequently

If you find yourself replacing light bulbs frequently, there could be some problem with your electrical systems. If the wattage is excessively high, you will find that your light bulbs burn out prematurely. Sometimes, improper insulation, bad wiring or incorrect dimmer switch wiring causes the problem. You must call in a professional, licensed electrician to investigate and fix the issue.

2. Circuit Breaker Issues

The circuit breaker in your home is the system’s control centre and it manages the flow of electricity throughout the property. These are designed to trip if there is something wrong in the electrical components. They protect children, elderly and pets from electrocution and your home from electrical fires.

If you find that the circuit breakers are tripping out frequently, pay attention to them. The electrician will check the system for an overload and other issues. Sometimes, high wattage appliances on an already loaded circuit can be the cause of these problems.

Always remove devices that aren’t in use and be mindful of how you connect these devices too. Make sure that you spread your electrical needs to various areas of your home rather than connecting all devices to a single circuit. After all this, if you find that the problem persists, call in an experienced electrician to determine where the problem lies.

3. Electrical Shocks

Even a mild electrical shock can be an unpleasant experience and if this happens when you are flipping a switch or using an appliance, there could be some issue with it or the wiring. Before you contact an electrician, plug in the appliance or device into another powerpoint and check if the issue crops up. This will help you determine whether the problem is with the appliance or electrical circuit and you can address it accordingly.

4. Light Switches not Working As they Should

If you find that you have to flick the slight switches on or off several times before the appliance, device or light fixture comes on, the wiring or circuit outlet could be faulty. Be especially careful if you hear any strange electrical noises when you are flicking on a switch. A professional electrician will thoroughly investigate the issue and solve the problem.

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