If you are in the market for a CCTV Surveillance System for your residential property, you must have conducted some research and found there are a large number of products to choose from. Many people are now choosing to get IP CCTV camera systems for their residential properties and with good reason.


There are a number of benefits of getting IP CCTV camera system for your residential property such as:

#1 No Need For A Coaxial Cable Since these cameras operate via mobile internet or WI-FI, you don’t need to install coaxial cabling for the cameras to work. The IP security system smoothly transmits over the internet/network without the requirement to install additional monitoring equipment or any other software. Because data & sound can be transmitted over this connection, you do not require separate audio cables. You can easily record and transmit the audio for security purposes.

#2 Add The Number Of Cameras You Need When you opt for an IP security system, there isn’t any limit to the total number of cameras you can install. As long as you have a strong data transmission or bandwidth, you can install the number of cameras you need.

#3 Remote Functionality Since the cameras are installed over the internet network, you can also configure them for remote access. This functionality allows you to watch live or recorded footage from any remote location when you want. This is a great option for people that are out for work all day or travel out of town very often.

#4 Great Image Quality IP digital cameras of good brands provide clean, hi-resolution images that you can view and review. This helps in recognizing faces as well as recognition of other details and objects the camera has recorded. Since the recording is digital rather than an analogue to digital conversion, there is no loss of image quality.

#5 Can Be Integrated With Other Systems A digital CCTV system that’s been built around an existing Wi-Fi or internet network can be integrated very easily with other systems that exist on that network. For example, if your home has an alarm system or security light system that operates on the same network, the CCTV cameras can be integrated with them.

#6 Customization Since this system doesn’t call for the use of any cabling like wired systems do, customization is possible and the network can be as big or small as you want it to be. It’s also scalable and more cameras can be added if required as long as you have sufficient bandwidth, without having to alter the structure significantly.

#7 Cost-effective Since minimal infrastructure is required to install and use IP cameras, they become a more pocket-friendly option to standard CCTV systems. Most residences already have some network on which they get the IP cameras installed. For example, if you already have a network installed for your alarm system, you will enjoy significant cost savings while installing new IP cameras.

These systems can also operate well regardless of how expansive the network is, you only need to buy the total number of cameras you need. This gives you complete control of costs as well. You don’t need a monitor to view the footage as it can be accessed via your smartphone or any other mobile device, which becomes a cost-saving for you as well.

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