Everyone wants a secure home, where their family and possessions are protected from thieves and criminals. The installation of a proven home security system is the way to ensure your property is safe.

Alarm Systems – A Few Things To Know

The main purpose of a home alarm or security system is to keep burglars and criminals away and safeguard your home and belongings. Thieves generally do not attempt to enter a house with a sound security system because the system detects any unauthorised entry or break-in. The system has sensors with a specific range, and any movement like a break-in through windows or doors within that range triggers an alarm.

In the case of a back-to-base alarm system, an alert reaches the security company which acts on it by taking one or more of these following steps as necessary:

  • Calls you to make sure that the alarm is not accidentally set off

  • A guard visits your home to check that it is safe

  • Informs the police or other emergency services

When no untoward incident takes place, you may not realise the importance of having a security system. While looking for a system, choose one of a proven brand. Generally, they are known to be very effective in preventing burglaries and thefts. As mentioned above, if a person without a passcode enters your home, you receive an alert instantly, and the security service provider gets into an action mode.

More Precautions

The presence of a security system works as a deterrent for burglars that want to target your home. It, therefore, provides you the assurance that everything will be safe, even if you are away from home for a while.

It provides significant relief from worrying about the safety of your home and ensures some peace of mind. There are a few basic steps to secure your home and additional things you can do to reduce the risk of burglaries and thefts on your property, such as:

  • Keep Holiday Plans Private – A recent trend of publicising holiday plan on social media can prove a feeder for thieves. Avoid giving information to strangers like door knockers and telemarketers. They ask innocuous-looking questions like “when will you be available?” to know more about your movements. Thieves are on the lookout for homes where families are away for a longer period.

  • Fix Security Screens – These screens work as effective deterrents for thieves. So it is useful to install security screens on windows and doors.

  • Secure The Garage – An open garage is an invitation to thieves to take away your tools, pry, and even enter the house through an unlocked door between the house and the garage. It is necessary to keep the garage locked all the time.

  • Buy A Safe – You need to keep your valuable items and treasures safely beyond the reach of burglars. Investing in a safe is the best way to protect them. Strong safes are cheaper as a one-time investment and keep you free of worries.

  • Keep The Spare Keys Safely – Thieves often know that you may keep a spare key under a doormat or a pot and will look for it there. It’s better to hand it over to a trusted neighbour for safekeeping. Never keep it hanging somewhere in the open.

  • Give Your Home A Lived-In Look – If you are going away on vacation, stop the mail, spruce up the lawn by scheduling lawn mowing and create an impression of an occupied house.

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