When it comes to security cameras, you need to understand the features that each one offers first. Most security companies provide analogue and digital systems, a variety of device models, where the cameras and their recorders have various functions.

This is why it can take some time to understand better what these functions are responsible for, what equipment will best suit your needs, and which features to pay attention to. Here we discuss the popular types of security cameras for commercial premises.

Types Of Video Surveillance

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) or Video surveillance systems allows you to view and record images using cameras from a distance. Currently, you will find three types of CCTV monitoring devices on the market – Analogue, Hybrid and Digital.

  • Analogue Systems – These are the oldest types of CCTV systems. It allows you to preview within a local network set on coaxial cables, and individually cameras are connected with the recorder. The images are recorded in PAL/NTSC resolution. Since the maximum resolution is 768×576 pixels, the image quality is not very good.

  • Hybrid Systems – These are based on IP video servers or hybrid recorders that enable the connections of digital IP equipment with analogue cameras while providing the functionality of connected IP devices. In these devices, analog signals are converted to digital signals to allow remote viewing or digital recording.


IP monitoring systems are the most modern types of video surveillance technology. They use IP (Internet Protocol) that offers high-resolution video images (of up to 4K). This technology provides advanced possibilities, including easy system expansion, recording on memory cards (SD), and image analytics.