Communications Services

Take advantage of the best in communication tools.

Data Outlets

Smart and strategic data cabling brings connectivity to your whole house with our technicians able to upgrade current solutions or install new data outlets to improve accessibility. We provide a wide variety of data outlets, tailored to the modern and ever-changing needs of your space and lifestyle.


Phone outlets

We're accredited specialists in installing and repairing phone lines, so you never have to listen to a crackling or fuzzy line again. With technology steadily improving and updates like the NBN taking effect, we'll ensure you're taking full advantage of your home's wiring for superior communication abilities.

Local Area Networks (LAN)

In our digital age, you can’t afford to have any dead spots in your home when it comes to connectivity. Whether your house is two-storey, an older building or the design is preventing your Wi-Fi reaching all areas, and we can create a LAN to centralise control while providing the highest speed access to your whole property.

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Contact Information

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Master licence: 000100588

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